Thursday, April 12, 2012


'Maanga thogial' is made with raw mango and coconut and green chilli. If you want to go easy on coconut, use the less-sour variety of mango. 
This 'thogial' can be used as side dish for molagootals, molagooshiam and erissery. It also tastes good with rice and pappadam as well as with dosa / idli.

Raw mango(totapuri / Salem mango) – 1/2 – chopped (4 tbsp)
Grated coconut – 5-6 tbsp
Green chilli – 2-3
Curry leaves - 8-10
Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients and grind in a mixer adding just a little water.
Roll it into a ball and transfer to a bowl and use as side dish.

Half a tsp of coconut oil and a few curry leaves can be added if preferred.
Those of you based in the US with less-efficient small grinders, can use the one (used to grind 'urad dal' for dosa) to make 'maanga thogial'. Yes it is BIG, alright, but usually its base is narrow, so you can manage. Add minimum water while grinding. If you find it still a bit watery, allow it to stand for 10-20 minutes and remove the water collected at the top!

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